Learnerships are a combination of theory and practical experience that lead to a qualification that is registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). ACS offers a variety of related learnership qualifications ranging from National Certificate in Construction Contracting (Level 2)  to National Certificates in Roadworks Construction (Level 2 & 3) and Supervision (Level 4) to National Diploma in Management of Civil Engineering Construction Processes (Level 5).

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The Skills Development Act (No.97 of 1998) describes skills programmes as unit standard-based programmes that are occupationally based and presented by an accredited provider and when completed, constitute a credit towards a qualification, registered in terms of NQF.

A skills programme can further be decribed as an education and training programme towards meaningful cluster of unit standards.


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The following ad hoc/short courses are availble

  • Technical Skills

  • Financial Life Skills - Budgeting, Savings, Banking and Understanding Business

  • Enterprise Development

  • Health & Safety

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Provide skills and knowledge to comply with workplace safety regulations. Courses include:

  • Fall Protection

  • Risk Assessment

  • Fire Fighting

  • First Aid - Level 1

  • Occupational Health & Safety including Safety Reps and Safety Induction

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