Health & Safety

Occupational Health & Safety

Task list for training include:

  • OHS Act

  • Legal duties of employees

  • Machine safety

  • Personal health and safety equipment

Health & Safety Reps

Task list for training include:

  • Overview of OHS act

  • Principals of accident prevention

  • Health and safety committees

  • Accident investigation

Fire Fighting

Task list for training includes:​​

  • Hazards, Fire Behaviour and Classes of Fire

  • Fire Streams and Fire Control

  • Fire Fighting Safety and Safe Checks

  • Evacuation / moving through smoke

First Aid

Task list for training include:

  • Emergency Scene Management

  • Wounds and Bleeding

  • Fractures

  • Poisoning / Corrosions

Risk Assessment

Task list for training include:

  • Introduction to risk management

  • Risk assessment process

  • Risk assessment types

  • Basic risk evaluation

Fall Protection

Task list for training include:​​

  • Overview of the ACT and regulations

  • Risk assessment

  • Fall protections

  • Harness work