About Us

ACS Training has established itself as the provider of choice, for training and skills development in the Construction Industry by creating an environment where workers and staff engage in meaningful employment and career paths. While also building lasting working relationships with clients by providing them with quality service during every aspect of the training development process.


ACS can assist and coordinate a suitable training programme to suit project and development requirements. Training programmes are compiled in conjunction with industry role players, by means of skills analysis, while delivery is scheduled and planned to suit client needs.

Our Mission

ACS aims to continue being a leader in providing value added training and development services to our customers. This is done by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the development process and so assist in creating a workforce who is skilled and enabled to participate productively within their work environment.


​We therefore endeavour and strive to keep exceeding client expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team.


ACS are consultants in Education, Development and Training, and we actively participate in:

  • Alleviating skills shortage

  • Contributing towards career development of individuals

  • Enhancing individual employment possibilities

  • The Civil Engineering Construction Industry by providing quality training and development to all people in South Africa.

Our proactive approach to training and development, means that we continue to play an active role in the development of the Construction Industry.


ACS is an accredited CETA training service provider and is certified as a Level 3 B-BBEE contributor. We pride ourselves on our service delivery and level of training provided by our network of highly skilled facilitators. 


ACS  is also an associate member of SAFCEC.


See our various registration and accreditation certificates: