Community Access Roads and Walkways Project for SANRAL

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Location: Libode, Mthata and Maqwathini Villiage near Butterworth, E.Cape

During 2012 ACS was awarded two contracts in the Mthatha and Butterworth areas. Both projects are aimed at upgrading and surfacing of road in and around specified areas in villages around these towns.

ACS not only facilitates in the training and development of labour and supervisory staff on these projects, but is also responsible for the project management and mentoring of various sub-contractors employed to complete these upgrade and surfacing projects.

Mthatha's phase 1&2 projects provided employment for almost 400 people in the surrounding communities and contributed greatly to the skill level of workers involved in these projects. Handover of phase 1 of the Mthata project took place on in April 2014. Phase 2 of this project was completed and handed over at end of February 2015. Maqwatini project was handed over en of March 2015.

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